Allergy Testing

Initial Consultation

Your first visit can take up to two hours.  I will start by taking a full case history going back often into your childhood.  Then I use a form of Allergy Testing called Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a form of muscle testing which can be used on people of all ages, from tiny babies upwards. It is not painful and doesn’t require you to take any clothes off. All I ask of you is that you lie on a comfortable couch whilst I carry out a series of muscle tests to discover a food allergy or intolerance that is making you ill.

Once your allergies are confirmed, you will be given a list of any foods to be avoided. This  is not a forever list and foods will be re-introduced at a later stage.  This will be fully explained to you on your visit. Together we will set up a Personalised Nutritional Programme to help you. This may involve taking supplements of any vitamins or minerals your body needs in order to speed your recovery.

Further monthly appointments may be beneficial to support you through to full health.

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